Tianjin Xinhaidi Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of musical instruments, mainly producing EMMA brand handmade professional ebony piccolos, student composite piccolos, all grades of flute and Alto flute. Our ebony piccolo is the best in China.

For more than 20 years, we have been engaged in development and manufacture of professional ebony piccolos with affordable price. Our craftsmen and technicians have been putting a lot of efforts on improving and innovating instruments. They always communicate with as well as learn advanced techniques from musicians and experts at home and abroad to achieve the goal that every finished product is competitive.

We strictly supervise the whole producing line from choosing raw material to packing, shipment. The wood in our ebony piccolos have been carefully selected, treated, and seasoned to resist changes in temperature and humidity. All of our instruments are made with careful attention to precision in our factory, to achieve easy play, fast response, and excellent resonance. All of our instruments are tested and “fine tuned” by professional players before delivery.


Moreover, some of our piccolos are padded with Straubinger pads to meet the requirement of some professional players. We developed at least 6 kinds of different headjoint embouchure holes, each head-joint is specially hand cut and is play tested during the cutting process to guarantee tonal sonority and response.


EMMA instrument is always ready to deliver the best musical experience for you. Come and experience it for yourself today!